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Meg Heller

Meg is the founder and owner of MH Pilates. She grew up in Northern MI, and has recently returned to the Midwest to be closer to family. Meg is so excited to offer her movement expertise to the area.

Meg Heller Bio

In 2013, Meg began her Pilates career studying classical Fletcher Pilates under Risa Sheppard, and The Sheppard Method in Los Angeles, CA. In 2015 Meg continued her Pilates training in Telluride, CO where she completed the Balanced Body Comprehensive program under Annette Petit. Meg taught and studied under Petit working primarily with athletes for 3 years. During this time she also created and co-founded a boutique fitness studio, Box Canyon Booties in Telluride that trained individuals and groups. From 2018–2022 Meg apprenticed under Danielle Sardi at The MAC Pilates studio in Del Mar, CA (Julian Littleford’s studio). With Sardi as her mentor Meg honed Pilates techniques for hip and knee rehab as well as pre and postnatal Pilates. Meg is also trained and certified in The Oov method, holds a Bachelor's Degree of Arts from The University of Michigan, and is a personal trainer specializing in functional movement. Along with Pilates, Megan enjoys dancing, skiing, GYROTONICS, making fresh juice, and time outside with her family.


Meg’s Pilates Style

Meg’s Pilates program is founded in the classical method and years of training under master teachers. Her teaching is driven by results, yet is accessible and challenging for all bodies. Meg brings attentive, caring, and safe Pilates instruction to each individual that walks into her studio. Most of all, she is a strong believer in not taking yourself too seriously, even in the Pilates world.

“Having done pilates regularly for the last 12 years with a handful of instructors, I can honestly say that the private reformer pilates and mat workouts I had over a year with Meg Heller were my favorite and most effective! Her ability to gauge her clients needs and be flexible as well as regularly changing routines up while keeping a consistent pacing and providing a challenging workout was spot on.”


-Nicole F 

Telluride, CO

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